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Serbia is located on the crossroad of diverse cultural influences, a place of the most unordinary culinary fusion of European and Oriental cuisines. Because of that in Serbia, you can taste Wien and Budapest cakes, Turkish kebabs, Mediterranean wine and fruit, Central European noodles and dumplings.

There is
also a variety of local authentic meals and cooking techniques: from royal cuisine and ordinary citizens to monks and peasants meals. Serbia is a country in which people love to cook and eat and hospitality is very important. That is why locals welcome travelers in their own homes and host them in a traditional manner. At the same time, Serbia is a country of equally interesting artistic heritage, a place where Italian Romanesque, Byzantine Classicism, Austrian Baroque and Hungarian Secession meet. All these facts make Serbia an ideal destination for hedonists in terms of food and art.

We are unique for offering gastronomy tours in Serbia in collaboration with our Gastronomy expert who has been working in Japan as a gastronomy specialist for the Balkan region since 2011. Based on 8 years of field research, we have carefully selected our best food destinations for you. Take the journey through the gastronomy and culture of Serbia with us and let it become a real delicacy!

Our Serbia food tour will give you insight in traditional Serbian cuisine where you will be able to cook with locals in households or in open-air kitchens and restaurants. Picking the herbs and spices in nature (woods) or buying ingredients in the local farmer's market. You will be able to learn a lot about the history and heritage from our local guides and also you will meet the locals and learn about everyday living in Serbia.

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Few words about our gastronomy expert

Jelena Jeremic was born in Belgrade in former Yugoslavia, now capital of Serbia. Her nomadic destiny seem to have started immediately after she was born- when her family moved to Bileca, a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, not far away from the Adriatic coast. She has been living in Belgrade, Tokyo and Athens with plenty of traveling in between.

''When I first laid feet to Japan in 2008, I realized that more often than not, people I encountered did not know exactly where Serbia was or the images were related to its recent war history. That made me surprised and often, sad. I wanted to contribute to changing that image.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”, as Paolo Coelho said- I joined a small cooking school and very soon became the first Serbian cooking teacher in Japan that brought Balkan food to the wider population through my home held cooking class with Niki’s kitchen International Cooking School in Azabu, Tokyo.

Over the 6 years, the class was featured on TV shows in Japan and Serbia, I had the chance to work with food specialized magazines and blogs and advise embassies, hotels, and restaurants on Balkan food menus. As the interest in Serbia grew, I started creating cooking tours to the Balkan region and since 2014, it has become a yearly event.''

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  • Cooking workshops of local dishes

  • Authentic enviroment for cooking (local households open-air kitchen...)

  • Picking herbs and spices in nature (woods)

  • Visit to a local farmers market

  • Prosciutto drying factory visit and prosciutto and cheese tasting

  • Belgrade and Novi Sad city tours

Serbia Food Tour

8 days / 7 nights
  • Cooking workshops
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Guide services
  • Entrance fees


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