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Cooking workshop - Croatia & Slovenia food tour
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Croatia a land with a beautiful coast and Slovenia with picturesque nature are wonderful places for a food tour. The national slogan of Slovenia used to be ''On the sunny side of the Alps ''.

That perfectly describes the position of this tiny country which combines Alps and Mediterranean, Pannonian plains and Krast. The best way to get to know one country beside learning about its history and visiting important sites is to taste its food, meet locals, learn about everyday life.

Slovenian cuisine is a great blend of different cuisines so you can find very easily Austrian strudels, Hungarian stews or Italian pasta but Slovenia also created its own dishes such as potica cake or Prekomurska gibanica ( kind of sweet pie ) . To make gastronomic experience complete one should not forget great wines as Slovenia has 3 wine region.

a land of 1000 islands is divided into Continental and Coastal cuisine. Continental with its chunky sausages, meat and dried meat products, and coastal influenced by Adriatic sea with Mediterranean flavor, dominated by olive oil, seafood and wine. You can imagine how any meal prepared by a local expert will taste by the Adriatic sea with great local wine.

The cuisine of Croatia will trigger your taste buds with variate of flavors.It is a place where traditional meets modern...

On our Croatia Slovenia Food Tour, you experience truffle hunt with hunters and dogs, culinary class in authentic ambient of central Istria , olive oil farm visit, vineyard walk with optional grape harvesting, Plitvice National Park visit and many more.

We are unique for offering Balkan gastronomy tours in collaboration with our Gastronomy expert who has been working in Japan as a gastronomy specialist for Balkan region since 2011.

Based on 8 years of field research, we have carefully selected our best food destinations for you. Take the journey through the gastronomy and culture of Balkans with us and let it become a real delicacy!

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Few words about our gastronomy expert

Jelena Jeremic was born in Belgrade in former Yugoslavia, now capital of Serbia. Her nomadic destiny seem to have started immediately after she was born- when her family moved to Bileca, a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, not far away from the Adriatic coast. She has been living in Belgrade, Tokyo and Athens with plenty of traveling in between.
''When I first laid feet to Japan in 2008, I realized that more often than not, people I encountered did not know exactly where Serbia was or the images were related to its recent war history. That made me surprised and often, sad. I wanted to contribute to changing that image.
“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”, as Paolo Coelho said- I joined a small cooking school and very soon became the first Serbian cooking teacher in Japan that brought Balkan food to the wider population through my home held cooking class with Niki’s kitchen International Cooking School in Azabu, Tokyo. Over the 6 years, the class was featured on TV shows in Japan and Serbia, I had the chance to work with food specialized magazines and blogs and advise embassies, hotels, and restaurants on Balkan food menus. As the interest in Serbia grew, I started creating cooking tours to the Balkan region and since 2014, it has become a yearly event.''

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  • Cooking workshops of local dishes

  • Authentic environment for cooking (local households open-air kitchen...)

  • Picking food in nature (woods)

  • Visit to a local farmers market

  • Prosciutto and cheese tasting in open air

  • Vineyard visit and wine tasting

Croatia & Slovenia Food Tour

8 days / 7 nights
  • Cooking workshops
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Guide services
  • Entrance fees


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