Top 5 fortresses of Serbia

When a country is rich in history and when there are historical proofs visible all around, then that country is really offering something special. Welcome to Serbia, the land of history, battles, occupations and liberations. Fortresses, as the biggest symbols of time, every day are welcoming new faces and hope that their stories will be remembered and told further on. Let me take you through short reviews of top 5 Serbian fortresses.

Petrovaradin fortress

is placed in Novi Sad.It is raised on the ruins of the Roman fortress in the 17th century and built on the bank of Danube river. On over 110 hectares it represents the main symbol of the town. Petrovaradin fortress contains a museum of Novi Sad, underground galleries and many art studios, also the known music festival EXIT is held here. On the very top of the fortress, you will find a symbol of Petrovaradin fortress, Clock Tower, that was a gift from Habsburg’a queen Maria Theresa in the 18th century.  There are several restaurants around where you can refresh yourself and enjoy one of the best views of Novi Sad.

Belgrade fortress

is placed in Kalemegdan park in Belgrade. The first fortification of this fortress is dating from the 3rd century and it is connected to Celts, but it has been in the hands of different nations during its existence, from Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Hungarians and Serbs, of course. It is fascinating how many things from different periods you can still see, from Roman wells and antique heritage collected for more than 100 years up to president Tito's military bunkers from the 20th century.

Most of the countries of the would highly protect this incredible fortress, especially as it is already on the UNESCO tentative list as a part of the collection “ Border of the Roman Empire”.Nowadays Serbians are facing big battle as there is a possibility that some part of ancient Singidunum may be destroyed in order to construct gondola, which by any chance if that happens, Belgrade fortress loses the opportunity to be on UNESCO site list. Let’s hope that it will not happen.

Smederevo fortress

Just 1h drive from Belgrade, the last capital of medieval Serbia, Smederevo, is placed. It was used to be one of the biggest cities in the 15th century, nowadays its population is  just around 100.000 people.  Smederevo fortress is one of the largest plain fortresses in Europe. During the15th century when the city of Belgrade had to be returned to Austougarians, the new ruler Despot Djuradj Brankovic was looking for a new spot to build the new capital.  He wanted to make the greatest fortress on plain land surrounded by water, and he succeeded.  On over 10 hectares flat land, on the Danube river bank, with amazing 25 towers, he builds Smederevo city-fortress. If you are staying for a couple of days in Belgrade, this is an excellent choice for a daily trip. The fortress itself today's is a favourite place for citizens of Smederevo. There are several manifestations and festivals that are organized here, the most popular are “ Smederevska jesen” (  English: Autumn in Smederevo) and the World cup in national historical medieval battles.

Golubac fortress

Around 30 km from Srebrno jezero ( Silver Lake) at the very entrance of the National Park Djerdap, as a part of Golubacki grad, stands Golubac fortress. The site where the current medieval fortress stands are built on former Roman fortress built in the 1st century. Then, in14th century this mysterious fortress was built. Nobody knows who built it and when exactly, maybe that’s why it is even more beautiful. Because of its position on the Danube river, all the nations wanted to possess it. During the years it was in Ottomans, Bulgarians, Hungarians and finally ended up, in Serbians hands. Since 2014. it was under reconstruction and from spring 2019. it is finally opened for visitors. If you are visiting Golubac fortress, do not miss to take a small boat ride and experience the magical view of the fortress from the riverside.

Fortress of Nis

In the city centre, just across the bridge, the fortress of Nis is placed. The first fortification of this place was in the 1st century,  by the Romans. Later on, at the same place, one of the best medieval fortresses was made. On over 20 hectares of land, within the remains of the Roman and Ottoman empire, this fortress is a great place to relax, read or just sit in some of the cafeterias or restaurants. Several manifestations are held here such as Nishville jazz festival, film festival and concerts. 


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