7 summer outdoor activities in Belgrade

There are several locations in Belgrade that are suitable for many kinds of activities during the summer. Either you want to go with the flow and relax somewhere with a nice view, either you want to be active and do something healthy but nice.

Here are some suggestions about how to spend summer days in Belgrade

Bicycle rides

If you enjoy driving a bike, you will simply love Belgrade more. There are different paths and environments that can make you enjoy different scenery every day. Suggested locations for bike driving are: Zemun, Ada Ciganlija, Kalemegdan park, promenade 25th May,Senjak suburb,Kosutnjak ,mountains Kosmaj and Avala.  

Roller-skating and skate riding

If your passion is roller-skating there is a big skate park almost in the city centre. Just cross the Branko bridge, on the great area, across Usce shopping more, on 2000m2 with 20 elements is small heaven for driving you rollers, skates or BMX bikes. Perfect place to meet local people with similar interest.


Yes, you can do it in Belgrade. Where? Ada Ciganlija again? - Correct :)

Aqua Ski complex is open all the year but water sports season starts in May and ends in September. There is a variety of water-sports that can be done, especially funny and interesting if you are in a group of friends. Highlights are definitely wakeboarding, water-skiing and slalom.


There are several diving centres in Belgrade, in case you want to take a diving course. If you already did some or you prefer free diving, you could enjoy diving in some of the rivers or lakesEach water keeps its own secrets and beauty, it is up to you to reach it.Ada lake is a good place to start, but before you actually do a dive, please advice some of the divings centers


During the summer parks attend to be more attractive offering complexity of its content. Ada Ciganlija and Zemun park and the most famous places to if you want to climb or attend to try climbing :)


Mentioned several times above, recreational centre Ada Ciganlija is again the place you want to be if you love this prestigious sport.With a long tradition and 35 hectares land, Golf club Belgrade offers enjoyment for both, amateur and professional golf players. Golf course with 9 fields, two, putting and two chipping greens ( one exclusively for members), member’s room, cafeteria, golf simulations are just a part of what to expect there.

Hippodrome and horse riding

This time not in Ada Ciganlija but very close to it :)  If you wondered how to escape summer hotness, here is another suggestion.

What do you say about horse riding? Refreshing, I would say. Riding school or recreational horse riding are some of the activities that Hippodrome Belgrade provides Also, you can rise adrenaline by watching some of the horse races or simply relax in the restaurant.


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