Best international festivals in Serbia

Music festivals in Serbia

Music in many ways characterizes one nation and the way of fun defines its temperament. In a historically rich country, where different cultures have fused, one thing does not change for centuries, and that is the joy of life. Whatever problems this nation was facing, people were always opened hearted and giving. So when they offer you drinks or food, do not insult them. Try :)

Not only you will like it but you will totally understand the saying “ There’s no food like Balkan food”.

Exit, Novi Sad

EXIT is one of the most popular music festivals in the world, and certainly the most popular in Serbia. In the late nineties, during the rebellion against the dictatorial regime, a few people wanted to induce a change with a better, more beautiful and persuasive world-view. This need and struggle for the freedom of expression and creativity, which is constantly gushed by the regime, has turned into a festival, which with its name clearly stated that it wanted to re-emerge in the world of creative and free people. It was created nearly 19 years ago with the aim of awakening consciousness. The first EXIT lasted for amazing 100 days and was consisted of various events, from music concerts to theatre performances, film projections and tribunes. A year later, the concept was crystallized and the accent was put on the musical performances. Today, this festival provides great support and incentive to alternative artists, at the same time it represents the home of great world music stars for all kind of music directions. This year the festival will be held from 04.-07. July

Trumpet festival, Guča

There are many festivals in the world but The Trumpet festival in Guča is so unique that even the legendary Miles Davis during his visit said: “I didn’t know you could play trumpet that way” . Each year for 4 days during the festival time, Guča is becoming a centre of the region. Nobody can explain the madness and euphoria that is happening there. On the grass fields between street food sellers, tent restaurants and souvenir corners, this famous Folk festival each year brings more and more people. This year, it will take a held from 8th-11th August. Due to a limited number of hotels, make sure you book your accommodation enough upfront  if you are planning to visit this manifestation.

Guitar festival Zaječar

It is probably hard to believe that the oldest active rock festival in Europe is held in a town that has less than 40000 inhabitants, in Eastern Serbia, a place called Zaječar. After a big Guitar festival in Belgrade, local music bands in Zaječar encouraged themselves and finally organized the first Gitarijada in 1966. The main goal of the manifestation was the exchange and development of ideas of rock and roll music creators, as an incentive and affirmation of new bands. Since its creation until now, the Gitarijada has affirmed many domestic bands, who have turned their attention on their participation in this festival and recorded their first editions. The festival is held annually and consists of a competition of demo bands and performances of famous world and local music groups. Although unfairly neglected by the local media, and funded mostly by the funds of the city of Zaječar and sponsors, this event counts more than a tens of thousands of visitors, every year. For that couple of days, Zaječar becomes the gathering place of true admirers and real r'n'r lovers from all over the world.

This year is being held from 27th-29th June.

Nishville, Niš

The Niš Fortress, a place where the famous Nisville Jazz Festival has been organized for almost 25 years, every summer opens his arms and welcomes true jazz lovers. This festival is planned with so much love, big effort and great attention in order to provide high- quality programs for all generations.Without a second thought, this manifestation promotes jazz music in the best possible way. This is confirmed by the fact that besides 2 main stages where main events are held, there are almost 20 other stages with a variety of programs that combine jazz with film, theatre, literature, dance and multimedia. Educational workshops and lectures by well-known musicians, jazz for kids, poet nights, stages for support of young DJ’s that go with the jazzy flow, silent films that have a live music background, are just a part of what this event offers. Due to its complexity and content, we can rightfully say that this is the largest Festival of Art Festivals in Serbia and its surroundings.

This year the festival will take a place from 02nd-8th August


Beer fest, Belgrade

Summer in the city can be very interesting especially if we mix the words: summer, concerts and beer. The fun is already here!This is how the Belgradians found a solution for hot summer nights. With the idea to promote beer culture ( we have many beer factories, and without overreaction it is good :) ), and quality music program, Belgrade Beerfest was created. Located in the heart of the city, right next to the rivers, offering a large selection of beers, Beerfest became the most massive tourist event in Belgrade, that gathers over half a million people for its 5 days. True beer lovers simply cannot resist coming to this festival knowing that over 450 beer brands have been presented here so far. Just to know, there is a variety of beers that you can choose, but not 450 each year. Rock, mainstream, electronic and punk music directions are to be expected if you are planning to attend this event.

This year it will be held from 14th-18th of August and the entrance is free

Love fest, Vrnjacka Banja

In a beautiful green environment, in a place known for spa tourism, as a result of insufficient cultural events, the idea of creating a music festival arose. Primarily organized as a public party, Lovefest nowadays represents a serious electronic music festival, nominated for the best European mid-size festival. Named after the well-known love bridge in Vrnjacka Banja, Lovefest initially had exclusively musical character and served to promote young domestic DJ's. During the time, the festival wanted to offer something more than simply a party. It enriched its content by adding different programs with educational, ecological and humanitarian character. The organizers of this event, besides this festival, succeeded to make the best electronic parties in the country with the most famous DJ's from the world

This year, Love Fest will be held from 01.-03. August. Tickets are also available online.


Festivals on Mecavnik - Kustendorf, film and music festival

Mokra Gora and Mecavnik is already known attraction in Serbia, place where the famous film director Emir Kusturica built his own oasis, ethno village Wooden city.  As the name says it is a  small place made of wooden houses, church, cinema, library, gallery, sports courts, pools, small shops, hair salon, candy shop and restaurants. When you have a creative mind, this is all you need to make a festival. Several festivals in different time of year are held here:

Kustendorf, film and music festival

Unlike world famous film festivals with red carpets and high fashioned clothing, this festival seems much more relaxed. Proper boots and wool sweater will be trendy enough and will keep you warm among the hills and mountains of Western Serbia. First Kustendorf is organized in 2008. and from the very beginning presents the place made for creative and film elite. The uniqueness of this manifestation is a complete dedication of exchanging creative ideas among artists and great minds of modern auteur film.  Festival contains both, film and music program. The film program contains competition part, where young directors present their work and compete for the Festival awards, different workshops and a variety of film projections. When all the projects are done, the music programs start. Since this year’s festival is already finished, the only thing left for us is to see what great minds will offer us for next January.

Boljsoj music festival

This festival promotes classical Russian music.And as you can guess, the idea is to support and help young musicians to improve their skills and knowledge. Great names, from the very top of the world music scene, unselfishly share their suggestions and ideas of how these young people can reach higher levels. The competitive program is held in 2 groups, based on the age of participants. The first group is for kids from 13-17 years old, and the second group from 18-25 years old Festival is organized during summer, usually in July. 

Autumns theatre festival

 This is the youngest festival held only for 3 years so far. But, it is now crystal clear that all Mecavnik festivals intent to be  “wind in the back” to all talented young people that are hungry for the knowledge and improvement. This festival is created as an answer for all those who were questioning the differences and boundaries between theatre and film and if they really exist. Once again, the competitive program is involved. Festival is held in November. Is it only me, or you were also asking yourself, shall we expect one more festival, so all the 4 seasons would be covered?  If yes, what you would say it would be? I’d say animation or something with art media. Anyways, as the variety of festivals in not lacking, I hope these small reviews could help to pick the right festival for yourself.


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