5 non touristy hidden gems in Belgrade

1.Great War Island

What comes to your mind first when you hear the oasis of nature and the capital in the same sentence? Probably think of a large park or a royal summer house?

In the very heart of the city, at the confluence of the two rivers Sava and the Danube, like a raw diamond, lies the Great War Island. Great War island actually contains 2 islands under one name: Small and Big War island. Although visible from the Belgrade Fortress and Gardos Tower in Zemun, islands can be reached only by boats or kayaks. With typical marshy flora and 66 bird species which actually nests on the island, we can absolutely say that this is a real oasis of untouched nature.

Summer in the city sounds hot just to say it. Kayaking in the sunset on the Great War island, sounds so cool, almost like you already feel the breeze


2.  Botanical garden “Jevremovac”

Another small oasis in the city centre, just 1km from the National Theatre, is Botanical Garden “Jevremovac”. Founded in 1874. as a first botanical garden in Serbia, today it belongs to the University of Belgrade. On the area of 5 hectares, more than 1000 plant species can be seen. Open area with more the 250 trees and bushes, makes this place one of the favorites for young couples to do the photo shooting on their wedding day. The garden includes Glass Garden, Japanese Garden and the Institute for Botanic premises (administrative building, herbarium, library, lecture hall, laboratories). It is almost never crowded except when there are organized groups of students, but you can check that before entering the garden.

It is open for visitors from 1st of May until the 1st of November.


3. Choomich Design district

Behind Terazije street, there is a small area where used to be prestigious shops with known clothing brands. For the last 20 years this places looks ruin, but still, there are some remarkable pieces of clothes, from Serbian designers, that you can find here. Many shops are closed and the place is not representative but if you are a curious soul and you like the alternative style you may find a real treasure here. 

Just a small tip, it is better to come in the afternoon as many shops will not be open in the morning.


4. Belgrade’s China Quarter 

In the 1990s due to the visa liberation, in the period of hyperinflation, Chinese people massively start moving to Serbia. Somehow they found the area of New Belgrade the most suitable for opening their businesses and make a new start in their lives. This is how  Belgrade’s China Quarter was formed. In New Belgrade’s block 70 you will find one of the largest Chinese shopping malls with over 10.000 square meters. Variety of shops offer literally anything you can imagine: clothes, shoes, sports equipment, toys, kitchen and bath elements and gadgets,etc..

Whatever you may need and you don’t need, I’m sure you can find it there.  If you are a fan of Chinese food, this is a good place to find ingredients to prepare Chinese food in your apartment or just to grab some tasty noodle soup to take away.

5. Ada Medjica

Most of the tourists have heard or Ada Ciganlija but rarely they have heard or visited Ada Medjica. This is the place that even many Belgradian’s have not visited. Small island, just 1 km long, between Ada Ciganlija and New Belgrade, is a true hidden gem. It is a great place to chill or to make barbecue with friends. Some Belgradian’s have their summer cottages on this island. It is reachable from New Belgrade’s block 70 where you can take a small boat that runs every 30 mins during the summer season

Small suggestion, please take food and drinks with you, cause there is no market on the island


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